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The long awaited release date has finally been announced by Palestar: Darkspace will go public on December 17th, 2001. Palestar has partnered with to bring you the final release of Darkspace. Palestar will continue to be the main development of the game, whil will provide hardware, bandwith, billing, and customer support services.

Darkspace Accounts
A few things will occur if you wish to continue playing Darkspace upon its release...
- Current Beta players will be able to retain their current usernames.
- Beta testers will recieve 50 bonus prestige, as well as a special "beta tester" badge.
- A total reset will occur, returning all stats to zero.
- Once "Pay to Play" is activated, all accounts will become demo accounts until payment information is provided.
- Demo Accounts will allow limited access play. You will not have to access official servers
- Darkspace will continue to be a free download.

Payment Plans
On the 17th of December, you will be able to click a BUY button in the Darkspace Chat Lobby. This will redirect you to the homepage, where you will have to register and choose your payment options. You will be able to pay with Visa, Mastercard, or Cash. There are 3 payment options:

Payment Options
Months Price Savings
1 Month $9.99 ($0)
6 Months $49.99 ($9.99)
12 Months $89.99 ($29.89)

Pay To Play Benefits
- Access to all 3 factions: UGTO, ICC, and K'luth.
- Gain Ranks and Badges, and access to bigger, better ships.
- Access to high bandwith multi-processor servers, for smoother gameplay.
- Ability to form player clans, which will lead to clan capture and control of planets in MV.
- Continuous updates of new weapons, ships, factions, maps/scenerios, space monsters, and more.

The Palestar Development Team thanks all the BETA testers who participated in the growth of this massive online mutliplayer space sim, and is looking forward to seeing all the testers in the Darkspace Universe on December 17th.